Book a SHARE NOW car to and from the airport

When booking a SHARE NOW city car you can easily get to the airport. It is an easy and convenient way to transport yourself and your luggage but also when coming back from your holiday or business travel you can book your city car prior to arrival and it will be ready for you.

How to do it: 

Download the SHARE NOW app and sign up for SHARE NOW. You can book, lock and unlock SHARE NOW City Cars straight from the app.

You need to enter the following:

  • your phone number
  • your email address
  • your driver’s license number
  • your payment details

How to rent a 
SHARE NOW city car

See how you easily book your SHARE NOW city car when you're going on a trip.

City Cars for all needs

SHARE NOW's City Cars come in a range of different models so you can find the one that fits exactly your needs. Whether you are an entire family with large luggage and stroller or just a couple there are always a car that meets your needs.


Book your car in the SHARE NOW app.