Car care

When you park at the airport, SteamRex ApS offers to give your car a thorough clean and care, both outside and inside, while you are travelling. So you can look forward to returning to a completely clean car.

SteamRex cleans your car with steam that removes all dirt and bacteria and is extremely gentle on your car - and not least the environment. Less than 5 litres of water are used for a complete clean inside and out - and no wastewater or chemicals are discharged.

Choose from the following car care products:

If you have any questions about car care, please contact SteamRex on e-mail:

Basic clean

Time estimate: 60 min

Car is nice and presentable
- without getting into depths

Car clean basic 01

  • Mats are tapped and vacuumed
  • Vacuum of the entire car
  • Window interiors are cleaned and polished
  • All surfaces are wiped
  • Sand and dirt are blasted off
  • The car is steamed and cleaned
  • Tyres and rims are steamed
  • Windows' exterior are cleaned and polished

595 DKK


Thorough clean

Time estimate: 120 min

Clean car like new
- all dirt, odour and bacteria are gone

  • Everything from Basic Clean
  • Mats are tapped, vacuumed and steamed
  • Thorough vacuuming of the entire car
  • Front and rear seats are steamed
  • Ceiling, panels and vinyl are steamed
  • High-contact surfaces are disinfected
  • Odour-breaker (new car scent)
  • Bottom strips are steamed and cleaned
  • Door seams are steamed and cleaned
  • Wax treatment
  • Final wipe of all surfaces

895 DKK


Total preparation

Time estimate: 240 min

Complete new car feel
- with life-prolonged care

  • Everything from Basic Clean
  • Car is emptied
  • Extra cabin cleaning, incl. cavities
  • The seats' el. leather care
  • Mat/rubber treatment
  • Interior and exterior vinyl care
  • Ventilation cleaner
  • Engine compartment and cover cleaning
  • Luggage area cleaning (vans only)
  • Lacquer cleaner (tar stains and similar)
  • Wiper cleaner
  • Extra wheel rim cleaning
  • Tyre shine

1.695 DKK


Have you already ordered car care?

When you arrive at the airport, hand in your car keys at Café Caffeine, which is located in Terminal 3 (to the left of arrivals).

When filling out the envelope, remember to note the space, floor and car park - so that SteamRex can find your car and clean it.

Terms and conditions

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