We Park You Fly er midlertidig lukket
We Park You Fly er midlertidigt lukket. Vi forventer at kunne åbne op igen sommeren 2024.
We Park You Fly er midlertidigt lukket. Vi forventer at kunne åbne op igen sommeren 2024.

Car repair and servicing

Get your car repaired while you're away. Just leave your car keys at the airport and come home to a ready-to-drive car.

It’s that easy: 

While your car is parked at the airport, OmnicarService can make any necessary repairs to the car. You avoid spending time on driving to and from the garage. You get your car repaired while you’re away, when you don’t need to use your car.

When you book your parking online, you can choose which type of repair you require. OmnicarService picks up your car at the parking facility you have booked at the airport. Just drop off your car keys before departure and they will do the work – and your car will be ready when you get home.

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If you have any questions for Omnicarservice, they can be contacted by email at: kontakt@omnicarservice.dk  

Spring check incl. air-con-service

Time estimate: Around 1 hour

Is your car ready to face the summer? A full spring check by OmnicarService means your car is checked thoroughly while you’re away. Omnicarservice runs a complete review of your car's condition incl. service of the car's air conditioning and air conditioning system. An air-con-service ensures optimal cooling and indoor climate in your car.

Car clean basic 01

A spring check includes:
  • Check of lights, lamps and wipers/washes
  • Battery check
  • Check of the vehicle’s fluid levels (cooling system, servo oil, brake fluid and AdBlue)
  • Check of the status of tyres and tyre pressure
  • Check of mist and wear in ball joints in the car’s suspension
  • Check of hoses and engine/gearbox for oil spills
  • Check of gearbox and oil level
  • Test drive
A/C service includes:
  • Draining and refilling of refrigerant

  • Inspection of leaks - vacuum test

  • Cleaning of the air conditioning and climate control system

  • Inspection of the cabin's outlet temperature


DKK 999

Car service

Time estimate: Up to 2 hours

If your car needs car service, you just need leave the car to OmnicarService while you’re away. You’ll come home to a ready-to-drive, fully serviced car.

OmnicarService picks up your car at the parking facility you have booked at the airport and performs the service inspection.

Both engine oil and oil filter are replaced and your car undergoes a thorough inspection. OmnicarService services all types of cars, regardless of age and model, and only uses factory-approved spare parts. Their experienced mechanics guarantee a high level of professionalism, which is your assurance that the work will be performed professionally. They always give a five-year warranty on parts and accessories. In addition, they are FDM advantage partners.

Car service includes:
  • Factory-approved spare parts
  • Assurance of correctly performed work by trained
    mechanics and technicians
  • Test drive of your car
  • Replacement of engine oil and oil filter
  • Refilling of windscreen wiper fluid
Check of the car's vital parts:
  • Brakes
  • All lights, including adjustment
  • Wiper blades and wiper/washer function
  • Tyres and tyre pressure
  • Levels of all fluids (replacement of fluids is settled
  • Coolant antifreeze for minimum temperature of -25°C (replacement of fluids is settled separately)
  • Battery status
  • Drive belts and possible tightening
  • Brake fluid’s boiling point and any refilling
    (replacement of fluids is settled separately)
  • Exhaust
  • Steering, suspension and shock absorbers
  • Rust prevention
  • Brake pads and brake discs
  • Engine density, gearbox, hoses, drive shaft and hydraulics

DKK 1,799

Tire change incl. storage

Time estimate: Around 45 minutes

Change from summer tyres to winter tyres or vice versa - and let Omnicar take care of storing your wheels during the season. 

Wheel changes includes:
  • Tire change of your own winter or summer wheels
  • Inspection of tire pressure
  • Inspection of tire tread
  • Resetting of the tire pressure monitoring system

DKK 1,099

Please note: Omnicarservice offers to pick up your wheels if it is not possible to bring them to the airport. Send an email to kontakt@omnicarservice.dk for coordination and pricing for wheel pickup.


Have you already booked a repair?

If you have any questions about your order with Omnicarservice, you can contact Omnicarservice directly via email. If you want to see your full reservation, you can look it up by entering your email adress and reservation number right here.

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