Parking with odd size luggage

Do you prefer to arrive by car with your odd size luggage? Read more about how to easily park you car with We Park You Fly.

Easy parking with odd size luggage

There can be many reasons to travel with odd size luggage. No matter the reason, we have provided an easy way for you to arrive at Copenhagen Airport with your odd size luggage.

Parking with odd size luggage - it is that easy

Use our odd size luggage friendly parking at the airport with We Park You Fly. You arrive at the aiport, and we park the car for you. It does not get much easier than that.

You avoid the hassle of looking for a parking spot, where you have enough room to get your odd size luggage out of the car, while you can quickly depart on your journey from the terminal close by.

Book parking with odd size luggage

  1. Book parking online - choose We Park You Fly
  2. Drive to parking area P6 on level -2 and hand in your car keys
  3. Take the elevator straight to Terminal 2 and 3 and check in

Why choose We Park You Fly with odd size luggage?

There are many reasons to choose We Park You Fly.

  1. You can pack your car at home with your odd size luggage
  2. You do not have to spend time on finding a vacant parking spot - we will take care of that
  3. You hand over your car in P6 - right beneath the terminals
  4. Grab a luggage cart and take the elevator straight from the We Park You Fly area to Terminal 3. From here, you only have a 5 minute walk to Terminal 2.
  5. When you return from your journey, you can pick up your car in P6.

How much is We Park You Fly?

Book We Park You Fly online or use our drive-in service.


Online price

899 DKK / week (5-8 days)

Drive-in price

1.475 DKK / week (5-8 days)

Other parking options at the airport

Parking at the airport should be easy - even with odd size luggage. If you only travel for 3 days or prefer to park your car yourself, we recommend one of our other parking options.

Have a look at our Standard parking, which is one of the cheapest parking options in walking distance to the terminals with prices from 1.100 DKK for a week. If you want to park right next to the terminals, use our Direct parking, which costs from 1.600 DKK for a week.

No matter which product you choose when parking at the airport, we recommend to book in advance, to ensure a spot when you arrive.

See all our products and prices here.