Parking with Brobizz in Copenhagen Airport

In Copenhagen Airport you have the option to use BroBizz in many of our parking areas. It is easy and simple to park with BroBizz, and you save time when arriving or exiting the airport.

It is no longer possible to use BroBizz

From April 13th 2023 it will no longer be possible to pay with your bizz at Copenhagen Airport. If you do enter with bizz before April 13th you will still be able exit our car parks with your bizz until May 1st 2023.

You are still able to park either by

  • Pre-booking parking here at our website or via our app
  • Using your credit card (and contactless) on entrance
  • Take a ticket at the barrier when entering


Parking with BroBizz

Park with your BroBizz in several parking areas at Copenhagen Airport. All you need to do is drive up to the gate in the chosen parking area and your BroBizz will automatically be detected.

How to:

  1. Place your BroBizz on the cars windshield
  2. Drive up to the gate at your preferred parking area
  3. Find an available parking sport and park your car

Price for parking with BroBizz

When you leave the airport you will automatically be charged the current drive in price.

Please note there is no CPH Profile discount on P4 and P12 when you use BroBizz.

Where can you park with BroBizz?

You can park with BroBizz in many of our car parks. The only car parks that do not support BroBizz is P3, P17 and P19. See where you can park with your BroBizz in Copenhagen Airport on the map below:

Other parking options in Copenhagen Airport

In Copenhagen Airport you can use the different parking options we offer.

Use the parking solution that fits your purpose. We have a lot of different options such as Budget parking, Standard parking, Standard+ parking, Direct parking, weekendparking, long term parking, company parking and disabled parking, where you can use your BroBizz.

See drive-in prices for parking in the airport.