Electric car parking with charging option

Park your electric car in one of the airports parking areas with charging station and return from your journey to a fully charged car. Please notice that we have a limited number of chargers in two separate areas.

Are you driving an electric car? Good news, if you want to drive to the airport. At the moment, you will find 16 parking spots, reserved for electric cars. The 16 spots for electric cars are distributed between two areas: Direct P6 and Direct P8 parking areas. 

All 16 spots have charging stations for electric cars (220V and 400V), which fits most electric car models. In the table below, you can see how the 16 charging stations are distributed in the Direct P6 and Direct P8 areas. You will also find a map of the airport, to make it easy for you to locate each individual charging station.

Can I reserve a charging station?

It is not possible to reserve a parking spot for your electric car. Unfortunately, you cannot be sure to find a spot with a charging station during busy periods, due to the limited number of spaces.

Parking area

Charger type 


Number of charging stations

Direct P6
Schneider, Type 2
5 - 22 kW 
Level -2, at the entrance to Terminal 3
Direct P8
ALFEN, Type 2
5 - 22 kW
Level -2

Payment for use of charging stations

During 2019, charging your electric car in the airport will no longer be free of charge. The effective date and the exact prices will be available on this site, before payment for charging takes effect.

Other parking options for your electric car

If all parking spots with a charging station are occupied when you arrive at the airport, you can use one of our other parking options.

With We Park You Fly, we park the car for you when you arrive, making it quick and easy for you to enjoy your journey, without having to worry about finding a vacant parking spot.

You can also choose our Budget parking, which is the cheapest option at the airport, with prices from DKK 395 per week. If you want to park right next to the terminals, choose our Direct parking, with prices from DKK 1600 per week.

Find the best parking option for you and your electric car, to make it easy and convenient for you to start your journey. Read more about the different prices and products here.