Electric car parking with charging option

Park your electric car in one of the airports parking areas with charging station and return from your journey to a fully charged car. Please notice that we have a limited number of chargers in two separate areas.

Please note that from October 11th 2021 EV charging in Copenhagen Airport will require payment through either an app or charging key.

Are you driving an electric car? In Copenhagen Airport we have 27 EV chargers that are distributed in three car parks: Direct P6 and P8 and Standard+ P9.

All 27 parking bays have charging stations for electric cars (Type 2), which fits most electric car models. 

Can I book a charging station?

It is not possible to book a charging station and due to the limited amount you are not guaranteed a free charger. 

How much is it for EV charging at Copenhagen Airport?

The price depends on the way you choose to pay.

Paying with app or charging key

You are able to use the following charging apps (the list is not exhaustive): 

  • Plugsurfing: 3,85 DKK/kWh 
  • Charge4Go: 2,80 DKK/kWh
  • Spiri: 2,50 DKK/kWh

The above-mentioned apps are just examples and you may be able to use several other apps on the market. Please note that the prices can change from day to day and can include offers.

Using a charging key: When using a charging key with a subscription you need to be aware that it can result in higher prices per kWh.  


Parking area

Charger type 


Number of charging stations

Direct P6
Type 2
5 - 22 kW 
Level -2, at the entrance to Terminal 3
Direct P8
Type 2
5 - 22 kW
Level -1
Standard+ P9
Type 2
5 - 22 kW 
Level -1, right after the barrier


If you experience any issues with charging

If you have issues getting the app/key and EV charger working proberly, then you have to call the provider's customer service at +45 5360 0601.

If the charger itself is faulty then please contact our parking staff at +45 5372 7355.