We Park You Fly er midlertidig lukket
We Park You Fly er midlertidigt lukket. Vi forventer at kunne åbne op igen sommeren 2024.
We Park You Fly er midlertidigt lukket. Vi forventer at kunne åbne op igen sommeren 2024.

Standard parking

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5-10 minutes to the terminals

  • Cheapest parking in walking distance to T2 & T3

  • Free cancellation

  • Indoor and outdoor parking

  • Option for disabled parking

  • Option for cheap weekend parking

  • Find Standard parking in P11 and P12

About Standard parking


Our Standard parking facilities P3, P11, and P12 are a 5-10 minute walk to the Terminals, and are the two parking facilities which are located farthest away from our so-called terminal near parking facilities. With Standard Parking you have the option of choosing between indoor and outdoor parking.

Standard P11 is and outdoor parking facility with approximately 600 parking spaces and is located right next to Comfort Hotel. See P11 in Google Maps.

At Standard P12 it is possible to park both inside and outside. P12 is a 6-level large parking garage with more thatn 1.200 spaces, where it is also possible to park on the roof. See P12 on Google Maps.

Height restrictions

P3: 2 meters.

P11: No height restrictions.

P12: 2 meters.

Weekend parking at Standard


At P11 and P12 it is possible to park at a lower price on weekends with prices starting from DKK 199 at P11. The weekend period is from Thursday to Monday, and this also requires that you stay parked over the weekend days: Saturday and Sunday.

Example: You can use weekend parking if, for example, you park from Thursday to Sunday. On the other hand, you cannot get the discount if you stay parked from Thursday to Friday, because you thus are not parked on one of the weekend days: Saturday or Sunday.

Click on the "Go to booking" button and do a search within the weekend period and see what the price is for the period you need to park.

Parking without reservation at Standard


At Standard P11 and P12 it is possible to enter and park without an online reservation. We call that drive in-parking. Here you just drive to the barrier, pull a ticket or put in your credit card and we will find a vacant parking spot.

Click on the ”Go to booking” button and see the drive in-price for you specific parking period.

Height restrictions


At P11 there is not height restrictions as this is an outdoor facility.

P12 and P3 has a height restriction of 2 meters. If you have a car that is taller than this or, for example, have a roof box on your car, we recommend Standard P11 or one of our Budget facilities, all of which are outdoor facilities without height restrictions.


Tips when booking Standard parking online


Payment per started day

When you use online booking, you pay per started day. The day starts from the time you enter the parking facility.

Avoid paying extra if your flight is delayed

Example: You are travelling for 4 days and choose the arrival time May 3rd at 7 a.m. and departure time May 9th at 6.30 p.m. In this case, every new day starts at 7 a.m.

Upon return May 6th your plane lands at 5 p.m. and you have chosen to leave the Standard+ parking facility at 6.30 p.m. When booking, you can instead choose a departure all the way till 11.30 p.m. without extra cost.

Best value for money

From 1200 DKK /week

Drive-in Price:1.250 DKK


e.g. fri-sun 299 DKK

Park free of charge for 15 minutes with our short-stay parking

If you are picking up, would like to go to the terminal to greet passengers or wave goodbye, choose our short-stay parking option. We recommend that you park in our short-stay area in P4 ground level, where you can easily find a vacant parking spot and quickly enter and exit the airport.

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Parking options for Standard

P11 ×
From 1200 DKK/week

Standard P11

  5-10 min. walk to the terminals

  Outdoor parking

From 1200 DKK /week
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P12 ×
From 960 DKK/week

Standard P12

  5-10 min. walk to the terminals

  Indoor parking

Price with CPH Profile
From 960 DKK /week

Price without CPH Profile: 1200 DKK

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Terminal 3
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