Budget parking

5-7 minutes from the terminal

  • Cheapest airport parking in CPH

  • Refund guarantee included

  • Free bus to the terminals around the clock

  • Outdoor parking

  • Minimum 5 days parking

  • Find Budget parking on P15, P17 and P19

About Budget parking


With Budget you get the cheapest parking at Copenhagen Airport. You find Budget parking at P15, P17 and P19 wich are located 1,5-2 km from Terminal 2 and 3. Both to and from the Terminals you can use the airports free shuttle buses which goes around the clock. Find the time table here.

At Budget parking there is no height restrictions. If you need to park with larger vehicles such as a caravan or have a roof box which makes your car too tall for the other parking facilities, you need to choose Budget parking. 

Parkering without reservation on Budget


At P15 it is possible to drive in and park without an online reservation. Here you just drive to the barrier, pull a ticket and find a vacant parking spot.

It is on the other hand only possible to park at P17 and P19 with an online reservation. See how much it costs you to park at Budget by entering departure and arrival dates along with the time of when you expect to enter and leave the facility.

Helpful tips for parking at Budget


Drop off the family before entering Budget

When you park at Budget and have friends and family with you in the car, it is possible to drop them and the luggage of in our Kiss & Fly-lane at P4 which is located right in front of Terminal 2. Then you, as driver, can drive to the Budget facility that you have booked and park the car while the family checks in the luggage.

Payment per started day

When using online booking you pay per started day. The day starts from the time you enter the parking facility.

Avoid paying extra if your flight is delayed

Example: You are travelling for 7 days and choose the arrival time May 3rd at 7 a.m. and departure time May 9th at 6.30 p.m. In this case, every new day starts at 7 a.m.

Upon return May 9th your plane lands at 5 p.m. and you have chosen to leave the Budget facility at 6.30 p.m. When booking, you can instead choose a departure all the way till 11.30 p.m. without extra cost.

Cheapest parking at the airport

From 395 DKK /week

Drive-in price:575 DKK

Park 15 minutes for free with our short term parking

If you are picking up someone, would like to greet at the terminal or wave goodbye, choose our short term parking. We recommend that you park in our short term area in the ground floor of parking area P4, where you will find a vacant spot quickly and can easily arrive and depart from the airport.

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Parking options for Budget

P19 ×
From 395 DKK/week

Budget P19

  5-7 min. bus to the terminals

  Outdoor parking

From 395 DKK /week
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P17 ×
From 395 DKK/week

Budget P17

  5-7 min. bus to the terminals

  Outdoor parking

From 395 DKK /week
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P15 ×
From 395 DKK/week

Budget P15

  5-7 min. bus to the terminals

  Outdoor parking

From 395 DKK /week
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Terminal 2
Terminal 3
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