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SAS Long Haul

SAS: In it for the long-haul

Simon Nathan
Team profiles

5 minutes with Simon Nathan

Senior Manager Simon Nathan explains how the Covid-19 pandemic turned his personal and work life upside down, and what it means for the way he works with airline partners.

Hygge and samfundssind

‘Samfundssind’: Denmark stands together by keeping its distance

You might have heard of the Danish word ‘hygge’, but what about ‘samfundssind’? Roughly translated to ‘community spirit’, this word has been top-of-mind in Denmark since the country first went into lockdown in March 2020.

Data, trends and forecasting beyond Covid-19
Industry trends

Data, trends and forecasting beyond Covid-19

Our Chief Traffic Forecaster explains the driving factors for passenger numbers at Copenhagen Airport – during and after the coronavirus pandemic. Then we see how our forecasting teams can help airlines get a step ahead on decisions about capacity by combining new data sets.

Smarter Airports

Smarter Airports: the solution for airports of the future

Copenhagen Airport, together with Netcompany, has formed a new IT company, Smarter Airports A/S, to develop a new, market-leading digital platform for efficient and sustainable operation of the airports of the future. Once the solution has been implemented at Copenhagen Airport, the plan is to sell the system to airports worldwide.

CPH distribution of COVID-19 vaccines

CPH and partners ready to handle Covid-19 vaccines distribution

Located in the middle of the Scandinavian Medicon Valley, Copenhagen Airport is used to handling large quantities of pharmaceutical products.


Covid-19 impact on CPH

Worldwide, the aviation industry has been severely impacted by the effects of the coronavirus – especially where travel restrictions have proven to be a serious hindrance to the restart of air travel, and the industry at large is still living in the shadow of coronavirus.


Open and closed countries, the Danish Covid-19 restrictions

Borders between countries are opening and closing faster than ever before, and it’s a struggle keeping track of which countries there’s an open market between. Here is an update on the Danish borders and travel guidelines, and how to keep up to date with them.


CPH - an important piece of Scandinavian infrastructure during Covid-19

With more than 345,000 tons of air cargo through CPH in 2019, coming into 2020, expectations were high. However, 2020 turned out to be quite different than the CPH Cargo team had imagined.


Experience the Copenhagen area in the fall of 2020

In Copenhagen, you’re never far from nature, history or culture. Here’s a list of seven places to visit in the fall, all possible to visit while staying in Copenhagen.

Team profiles

Re-meet the route development team in CPH

The route development team in CPH has been through some changes, as a result of members leaving for other opportunities and other internal organizational changes. Here is an overview of the team members and responsibilities, so you are up to date on who to contact if you need our help.

the future of e-planes
Industry trends

Together in electric dreams – the future of e-planes

Civil aviation is a large source of carbon emissions as more travellers take to the air, and until recently more environmentally friendly or green aviation technology has been slow to be developed by manufacturers and in-turn adopted by the industry.


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Morten Mortensen

Director of Airline Sales & Route Development

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Air Cargo Manager

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Senior Route Development Manager Asia

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Route Development Manager Ryanair, Europe, Middle East & Indian sub-continent

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