Motorcycle and bicycle parking in Copenhagen Airport

In Copenhagen Airport the different parking facilities have multiple purposes. You have a lot of options to use the different parking options when you arrive at Copenhagen Airport.

Besides car parking you have the option to:

Motorcycle parking

There are a lot of options for motorcycle parking in Copenhagen Airport. All motorcycles can be parked for free on all parking areas.

Rules for using motorcycle parking

To be eligible to park for free on Copenhagen Airport parking areas you most comply with the following rules:

  • You may not use a marked parking space in a parking area
  • You may not park so it disrupts traffic and walking customers


Find the areas for motorcycle parking

There are special areas that are better suited for motorcycle parking in the airport.

P4 1. floor

There is 4 designated motorcycle parking spaces in P4 on the 1st floor, as the only motorcycle parking spaces that is behind a gate in Copenhagen Airport.

Designated motorcycle area

In P4 on the ground floor in the east end there is room for about 15 motorcycles.

Other parking areas with suited motorcycle parking space

There are other areas suited for motorcycle parking: P7 level -1 and -2, P10 and P12 ground floor, P6 level -1 and -2 and P8 level -1 and -2.


Bicycle parking

Bicycle parking in Copenhagen Airport is easy and free. We have bike racks in designated areas, which all are within walking distance to the terminals. You can park your bike at both Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.

By Terminal 2 there is bicycle parking next to P4 and P6, and by Terminal 3 you find the bike racks by P8. These are all free to use.

Cykelparkering CPH maj 2023


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