City Car to and from Copenhagen Airport

Take a City Car from home when you are departing from Copenhagen Airport. You only pay for the number of minutes you use the City Car. It doesn’t get any easier or more convenient to begin your travel.

Your travel starts from home. Make the travel easy and convenient from the beginning by renting a City Car directly to Copenhagen Airport. It might not always be easy to travel to the airport by public transportation when you are carrying both a child, a stroller and your suitcases. Maybe the buses don’t run that early in the morning or maybe you just want to avoid having your own car parked in the airport while on vacation. There are many reasons to rent a City Car.

When you choose to rent a City Car you contribute to a cleaner urban environment as most of both the SHARE NOW and GreenMobility cars are electric cars.

Book a City Car Directly to the Airport

To use the City Car service, you must sign up for the desired service. You can do this by downloading the app of a chosen City Car service and thereafter grabbing a City Car from the street within the operation zone.

At Copenhagen Airport we cooperate with SHARE NOW and GreenMobility. Through the SHARE NOW app and the GreenMobility app you have the opportunity of reserving as well as locking and unlocking City Cars parked all over Copenhagen. Here you can also check the battery status of the cars to be sure that there is enough for your route.

Find additional guiding on how to rent City Cars on SHARE NOW and GreenMobility.

How to Drop off the City Car at the airport

When you rent a City Car directly to Copenhagen Airport you don’t have to worry about how to get read of the car again.

There is reserved 24 parking spaces for SHARE NOW and 20 spaces for GreenMobility in our Direct parking facility P7 at ground floor which is only a three-minute walk from Terminal 3. All spaces are marked with SHARE NOW or GreenMobility signs.

There are charging stations at selected parking spaces, so it is easy for you to charge the City Car if it is low on battery. That way the car is ready for its next driver.

Take the City Car back home from the Airport

You also have the opportunity to take a city car back home when arriving at the airport after your holiday og business travel.

Just follow the signs to car park P7 and choose your desired car, which you book through either the GreenMobility app or the SHARE NOW app.

When ending your trip you just park the city car on the street. Please be aware that this has to happen inside the operation zone, which you find on each of the providers app.

How Much is it to Drive a City Car?

When booking a city car in Copenhagen you are only paying per minute you use the car. The price includes electricity, petrol, insurance and parking inside the operation zone.

Find more information and prices for both SHARE NOW and GreenMobility here:


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