Real Estate Projects in the Eastern Cargo Area

The development of a future Cargo village in the Eastern part of Copenhagen Airport is well underway.

CPH Airport - Real Estate Projects in the Eastern Cargo Area
PUBLISHED: 15/02/2021

With a location on the East side of Copenhagen Airport, and with quick access to the E20 motorway, the more than 125,000 m2 of land intended for the development of air freight related business, is a very attractive location for the entire industry.

Despite a very difficult year for the entire aviation industry, the air freight business has proven to be quite lasting and solid, with a demand that has remained at a reasonable level throughout 2020. In fact, Danish exports and imports of air freight have maintained momentum, despite limited capacity due to the pandemic, and thus full focus is continued from Copenhagen Airport to develop the cargo area to be ready for future growth.

Projects already on the move

DHL has recently received the building permit for their new 26.000 m2 Northern Europe Hub, and the building works has already commenced at their new location close to the Eastern entrance gate on Kystvejen. The new Hub is expected to be in operation by Q4 of 2022.

Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) have started the design of their new terminal 3, which is to be integrated with their present Terminal 2 – a warehouse of approx. 3.700 m2, which increases the number of truck gates by 20%, providing a clear improvement of flow, and a centralized handling facility for both import and export traffic. WFS has set a deadline for finalization of the project of Q3 2022.

Temporary parking facilities for trucks have been established in the area on Parking Lot P17, where expectations of future needs will give important indications for Copenhagen Airport. Initially, this facility is limited to use by truck trailers without load only.

“Current collaboration is ongoing with a developer to find the right operator on the last vacant piece of land with direct access to the apron and the cargo facilities airside” says Jon Larsen, Business Development Manager at Copenhagen Airport.

Jon adds that plans for development of the Airport Business Park at the opposite side of Kystvejen are progressing, and Copenhagen Airport hopes to be able to reveal the first name of one of the future operators in the area in the very near future.

Cargo village

“Establishing a dedicated cargo village is an important part of the cargo strategy, and an important success factor for the airport to be able to support our airlines' ability to have a smooth and efficient handling of cargo, which contributes significantly to the profitability for many routes. The principle of co-location, with the entire logistics chain in close geographical proximity, will create greater efficiency and less risk of bottlenecks.

Sustainable construction, considering the surrounding environment and consideration of the future supply- and infrastructure needs, are of course an important part of the future establishment of Airport Business Park”, Larsen concludes.

Lars Gotfredsen

Air Cargo Manager
+45 5369 5231