Copenhagen Airport Passenger Development in the first 7 months of the year

Copenhagen Airport Passenger Performance in the first 7 months of the year
PHOTO BY: Michael Kidmose
PUBLISHED: 08/08/2023

Copenhagen Airport Passenger Development in the first 7 months of the year

The first seven months of 2023 have provided positive signs of CPH’s development , showcasing a gradual recovery from the disruptions experienced in the previous years. With a total of 15,2 million passengers passing through the terminals, CPH’s performance, when compared to the equivalent period in 2019, reflects an index of 87, indicating a steady rebound in passenger numbers. 


Promising signs in transfer passengers and load-factor

CPH has reached an index of 80 on transfer passengers with 2,7 million transfer passengers in the first 7 months of 2023. Despite this notably being a lower index than the total passengers, CPH has maintained a robust transfer share. The transfer share reaches an index of 92, compared to 2019, which indicates that CPH has successfully retained 17.6% of its passengers as transfer passengers, only a minor decrease from the 19.2% in 2019. Considering the lack of some non-stop routes and frequencies, especially to China, an index of 92 is deemed relatively positive, as the Asian routes used to carry significant transfer passengers.

Another encouraging sign of recovery lies in the load factor. The load factor reached an average of 75,7 % which corresponds to index 101, in comparison to 2019, which highlights the efficient utilization of the many airlines’ aircraft. This positive shift underscores the airlines’ ability to adapt to evolving passenger preferences and demands.


Autumn and Winter Route News

As Copenhagen Airport looks ahead to the last 5 months of the year, exciting route developments are on the horizon. These new connections are set to enhance the airport's connectivity and cater to diverse travel preferences. Some notable additions include:


Wizz Air's introduction of four new routes to Gdansk, Katowice, Budapest, and Kutaisi.

easyJet's expansion with flights to Lisbon provides travelers with more options in the captivating Portuguese capital.

Norwegian's introduction of flights to Tromsø, opens up additional opportunities for those seeking the wilderness and beauty of the Arctic.

Etihad Airways, a new airline at CPH, is set to open flights to Abu Dhabi, bridging Denmark and the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

airBaltic will open a route to Las Palmas which will provide additional frequencies to the sun-soaked Canary Islands.

SAS will resume flights to Bangkok after not serving the Thai capital for more than nine years, while also introducing flights to Agadir, broadening the array of warm destinations for Danish travelers. SAS will also go from three to five weekly flights to Miami using an Airbus A330 this winter 


A Positive Outlook for the rest of 2023

The first seven months of 2023 have undoubtedly demonstrated CPH’s adaptability, and potential for growth. Despite the global challenges which are affecting all of us, CPH's performance indexes and route expansions affirm its commitment to fostering convenient and accessible air travel options for our many travelers. 

We are hopeful for the autumn and winter of 2023, and we are looking forward to working closely together with our many partners on making 2023 a successful year for us all. 

Morten Mortensen

Senior Director of Airline Sales & Route Development
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