Singapore Airlines resumes daily operations to Singapore

Singapore Airlines resumes daily operations to Singapore
PHOTO BY: Michael Kidmose
PUBLISHED: 08/08/2023

Singapore Airlines resumes daily flights to Singapore for the first time since 2020

From next year’s summer program, Singapore Airlines will recommence daily operations between Copenhagen and Singapore. Singapore Airlines briefly flew the route daily in the first months of 2020 but was later halted due to the pandemic. We are very excited to see Singapore Airlines continue expanding its presence in Copenhagen, on a route it has now been serving for 46 years. Singapore stands as a shining gem in the realm of global tourism. Renowned for its harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, the city-state beckons travelers with its diverse attractions, cultural richness, and impeccable urban planning.

Flying with three-class Airbus A350-900 aircraft

Singapore Airlines will operate the route with the new Airbus A350-900 carrying 253 seats in a three-class configuration. Thank you to Singapore Airlines for always great cooperation, and we are looking forward to seeing the route continue its success.

Simon Nathan

Senior Manager, Commercial Strategy and Route Development
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