International events coming to Denmark in 2021

All big international events are of course subject to changes in these uncertain times. However, if the Covid-19 pandemic allows it, we can look forward to some big international events in Denmark during 2021, for example WorldPride, and the UEFA European Championship in football.

Worldpride and Eurogames - Copenhagen 2021
PUBLISHED: 15/02/2021

It’s too early to say how 2021 will turn out regarding physically meeting other people again, and many events such as Music Festivals and sport events are still on the programme for now. It comes down to vaccinations, mutations, ‘safe corridors’ and other factors as to whether these will go ahead. However, if it all turns out well, we are looking forward to an extremely interesting year on the Danish event scene.

A long list of international events

Let’s look at the list of international events coming to Denmark in 2021:

European Congress Cycling (6th–7th of March)

UCI Mobility & Bike City Forum (8th-9th of March)

European Women Championships in Bowling (2nd-13th of June)

UEFA Euro 2021 European Football Championship (11th of June – 11th of July)

Zhik International 29th World Championship (30th of July – 7th of August)

WorldPride & EuroGames (18th – 21st of August)

ROCKWOOL Denmark Sail GP (20th – 21st of August)

2021 GKA Kite World Tour (6th – 11th of September)

2021 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships (16th – 19th of September)

WDF Darts World Cup (27th of September – 3rd of October)

ITU World Duathlon Championships (2nd of October)

Team World Cup in Badminton (9th – 17th of October)

With all these events, we expect a lot of athletes, fans and audience coming into the country, and as an airport we are always ready to help all the passengers and special equipment in collaboration with our airline partners.

A color of pride

For 25 years the LGBTI+ community has hosted Copenhagen Pride, making Copenhagen even more colorful and alive than normal, and in 2021 the community will host WorldPride, bringing as many as 750,000 people to the Copenhagen and Malmö area. The event will also include the biggest ever EuroGames, a LGTBI+ inclusive sporting event, which is expecting 6,000 athletes to participate, with tournaments in 29 different sports.

We are proud to support the LGTBI+ community and their events here in Denmark. That is why, during last years’ Copenhagen Pride, we have showed our support by, for example, welcoming incoming participants with rainbow flags in the arrival hall – and we look forward to doing so again for all the participants of WorldPride and EuroGames.

Morten Mortensen

Senior Director of Airline Sales & Route Development
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