Who can request Falck assistance?

Regardless of which airline you are traveling with, you have the option to use the assistance service at Copenhagen Airport.

  • If you need help getting to and from the aircraft
  • Need assistance getting on board
  • Use a wheelchair, whether electric or collapsible
  • Need to bring an oxygen cylinder on board
  • Travel with a service dog
  • Have visual or hearing impairment
  • Suffer from some form of food allergy

Please note: If you require disability assistance at the airport or on board the aircraft, please notify this at the time of booking your trip.


Falck Assistance

It is Falck who accompanies you and provides assistance service at Copenhagen Airport. The staff at Falck are specially trained for the task and have a broad education and expertise.

Passengers with hidden disabilities

If you have an invisible disability or a hidden condition that makes the journey through the airport more challenging than usual, you can wear the sunflower lanyard.

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