More leisure travellers are using airport lounges

There was a time when airport lounges were the preserve of business class and general business travellers. Now, one in three users of Copenhagen Airport’s lounges is a leisure traveller. And with the numbers expected to grow, the airport is adding two new lounges. 

On Tuesday, the new Atelier Relaxium will open in Pier A, and with the opening of the “primeclass” Lounge in December, travellers at Copenhagen Airport will have a full eight lounges to choose from. Both new lounges will offer walk-in access for passengers who do not have automatic access through their airline ticket.

“Times have changed,” says Peter Krogsgaard, Copenhagen Airport’s chief commercial officer. “Lounges are no longer just for business class and general business travellers. Now, anyone can pay to access most of the lounges. This means that one in three lounge users are now a leisure traveller, so we needed more space and more options”.

A lounge for all

The company behind the Atelier Relaxium is Aviator, who wants to create even more space for leisure travellers.

“There are still a lot of passengers who think that lounges are only for those, who are travelling business class or are part of a loyalty programme through their airline or credit card,” says Lars Wrist-Elkjær, Managing Director of Aviator Denmark. “We want to challenge that by providing a lounge where walk-in access is affordable and where everyone feels welcome.”

“The lounge also has a number of different areas serving passengers travelling together who want to chat and relax before their flight as well as passengers who need peace and privacy,” adds Lars Wrist-Elkjær.

Among other things, the Atelier Relaxium is launching the concept of the Relaxium, where passengers can sit down in an area with a particular colour that matches their mood. This should hopefully remedy the feeling of stress that many people experience at the start of their journey. The entire interior is designed by the Danish design brand Normann Copenhagen.

The new Atelier Relaxium will open in Terminal 2, Pier A, on the first and second floors with space for 150 guests at a time. Walk-in access will cost DKK 189.

New lounge with panoramic view after the passport control

In December, TAV Operations Services will open its 57th “primeclass” Lounge at Copenhagen Airport’s Pier D on the other side of the passport control. The “primeclass” Lounge will be one of two lounges for passengers flying long-haul and will be located on the second floor with a panoramic view over Terminal 3.

 “TAV Operation Services, which established its business development mentality on a global perspective, is glad to include a new lounge to its existing operations. It is the second one in the region after Riga Airport operations and one of the most dynamic Airports in Scandinavia,” says TAV Operation Services General Manager, Ali Bora Işbulan.

“We host more than 4 million passengers per annum at the lounges we operate and provide meet & assist services to over 100,000 passengers. Following Turkish Airlines Star Alliance lounges that we opened in Nairobi and Washington D.C. Dulles airports in 2016, we will put into operation lounges at Frankfurt, Muscat, Copenhagen and Zürich airports with our ‘primeclass’ brand in 2017,” adds Ali Bora Işbulan.

In addition to the fine view, the lounge will have a dedicated round bar and a varied menu of international cuisine with a Danish touch. The lounge will have space for 61 guests at a time and walk-in access will cost DKK 229.

Facts about Copenhagen airport’s lounges

  • The two new lounges will give travellers at Copenhagen Airport a total of eight lounges to choose from: the Aviator Lounges, the Aspire Lounge and the Atelier Lounge in Terminal 2, the SAS Lounge in Terminal 3, and the Adventure Lounge and the “primeclass” Lounge after the passport control in Terminal 3. In addition, there is a Regus Business Lounge located in Terminal 3 landside.
  • Every day, more than 5,000 passengers use one of the airport’s lounges, around a third of whom are leisure travellers. Approximately half of all lounge users have access through flight tickets or loyalty programmes.
  • Passengers whose airline tickets do not provide automatic lounge access can enjoy walk-in access for DKK 150 to 250.
  • All lounges serve snacks, hot and cold drinks, beer, wine and water ad libitum in slightly more peaceful surroundings.
  • Some lounges, such as SAS Gold, the Adventure Lounge and Regus Business Lounge also offer shower facilities.