Strollers and prams

If you want your own stroller onto the plane, ask in advance with your airline or when you check-in.

The rules for strollers and prams may vary between airlines. Therefore, always check with your airline in good time if you are in doubt.

Lightweight strollers

As a rule, it is possible to bring a lightweight stroller through security and all the way to the gate.

However, you must be aware that airline companies have different regulations for the proportions of the stroller. Therefore, always check with your airline in advance.

In addition, a stroller must always have a special luggage tag that cannot be printed at the self-service check-in machines. Therefore, it is only possible to use the manual check-in counters.

Odd-size luggage

If the stroller or pram must be submitted as odd-sized luggage, you should be aware that there are two odd-sized access points at Copenhagen Airport:

Terminal 2: By the access point used by ground handlers Aviator and CFS. It is found at the end of Terminal 2 next to the counter 154

Terminal 3: This is used by SGH (SAS Ground Handling) and is located at the SAS ticket office and Starbucks. 

See who handles luggage for your airline here.

Protective bag for stroller and pram

Some airlines recommend that you use a protective bag for the stroller or pram while traveling.

You can read more about the protective bags at

Rental strollers

You can also rent strollers of the brand Nordic Crown at the airport.

The strollers are available for pickup immediately after the security check. However, due to the strollers being frequently used by our small passengers, they can typically be found around the airport. If you see an unused stroller, you are always welcome to use it.