Family friendly parking

Parking has (almost) never been easier: take the car to the airport with stroller and children. We help you park so that you only have to focus on remembering the luggage and and checking-in.


When the family is going travelling, it should be easy and simple to park at the airport. We recommend We Park You Fly: You drive into the parking facility, take your luggage with you and give us the keys. We then park the car and take care of it while you are away. It doesn't get easier.

Family parking – it's that easy

Use our family friendly parking at the airport, We Park You Fly. You arrive at the airport and we park the car for you.

  1. Book parking online – choose We Park You Fly
  2. Hand over the car in the parking facility P6-2
  3. Take the elevator directly to Terminal 2 and 3 and check in


Why should I choose We Park You Fly?

  1. You can pack your family's car at home with stroller, children and suitcases and get quickly to the airport
  2. You don't have to count in time to find a parking spot - we take care of that
  3. You hand in your car in the parking facility P6, which is located right beneath the terminals
  4. You and the family can take the elevator directly from the We Park You Fly area and up to Terminal 3. From here it is less than five minutes walk to Terminal 2 

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What does We Park You Fly cost?

You can use We Park You Fly either by booking online so you are secured a parking spot, or by just driving into the parking facility P6 - without booking on forehand.

Online price  899 kr. / week (5-8 days)
Drive-in price 1.475 kr. / week (5-8 days)

Other parking opportunities at the airport

Parking at the airport should be easy. So if you and your family only are travelling for two days, we recommend one of our other parking options. 

Should the parking be a little cheaper? Try our Budget parking  with prices from 395 kr. for a week. You can take the shuttle buses for free to and from Terminal 2 and 3.

You can also choose our Standard parking, which is the cheapest parking in walking distance to the terminals with prices from 1.100 kr. for a week.

No matter what solution you choose when you park at the airport, we recommend that you book from home so you are secured a parking spot. Though, you can always drive directly to P6 without booking in advance.

See all parking options here.

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