Connection time

These are the minimum connection times when transffering via CPH.

Be aware that waiting time may occur in the Police Border Control.

If you are travelling with other airlines than SAS, following minimum connection times apply*. The time indicates the minutes that as a minimum should be between your arriving and departing flights.

Domestic: 40 min. Schengen: 40 min. Intercontinental: 45 min.

Special measures in connection with Covid-19

Due to covid-19, Schengen arrivals must pass through the Police Passport Control, which may cause extra waiting time.

Due to covid-19, passengers arriving from Schengen will be driven in CPH´'s buses for passport control in Finger C or Finger E. However, the aircraft departs as usual from Schengen gates.

Transit is considered a commendable errand. However, we refer to, as the rules due to covid-19 can be changed at short notice.

Transferring passengers are not subject to transit testing requirements.

Transferring passengers can go out, however, it is at your own risk.


When you arrive by plane to Copenhagen Airport and needs to transfer to the rest of the world, you'll be greeted by a screen with dedicated transfer information.

The screens show the eight first coming connections, that those passengers who are onboard the incoming flight, should pursue.

The screens show, besides gate information, including how many minutes it takes to walk to the relevant gate. In this way, it becomes easier to orient yourself and get to the right departure gate fast and most efficiently.

The screens are located in all the gates at the airport. They are hung up so they are the first thing you see when you arrive at the gate.