Dropping off passengers in Copenhagen Airport

It is quick and easy to find a parking spot in Copenhagen Airport – even for a quick drop-off. Kiss & Fly in P4 is the obvious choice for quick goodbyes.

Quick and easy drop-off of passengers in Kiss & Fly or P4 short-stay parking

Are you dropping off passengers in Copenhagen Airport? You can use our Kiss & Fly area or P4 short-stay parking, which is right next to Kiss & Fly. Kiss & Fly is built for you, who are looking to get to and from the airport quickly. Short-stay parking is for you, who wants more time to say goodbye.

With Kiss & Fly, you don’t have to look for a vacant parking spot. It consists of two tracks, where you can stop your vehicle for a short amount of time to drop off your passengers. Furthermore, you don’t have to park your car in a parking facility, instead you drop off your passengers and can leave the airports parking area quickly. Read more about Kiss & Fly.

More time for goodbyes? Try short-stay parking

If you need more time to say goodbye, you can use short-stay parking (max 2 hours) opposite Terminal 2. In P4 (ground level) you can park for an hourly rate of just DKK 50 for a maximum of 2 hours. It is right next to the two Kiss & Fly tracks.

You can also park short-stay in P8 Arrival, outside Terminal 3. This is convenient when picking up or dropping off passengers.

We have other parking areas, all of which has free parking the first 15 minutes (except P6).


Parkeringskort afsætning

Many options for parking in Copenhagen Airport

There are many options for parking in Copenhagen Airport. We offer budget parking, standard parking, standard+ parking, direct parking, we park you fly, weekend parking, company parking, online and drive-in prices, and disabled parking. We also offer a luxurious cleaning of your car, where your car will get a comprehensive cleaning inside and out.

Picking up passengers in Copenhagen Airport? Read more here.