GreenMobility to and from Copenhagen Airport

Book a GreenMobility city car and get quickly to and from the airport with your family and large luggage. It is easy, simple and convenient.

When driving a GreenMobility city car you can get to the airport with your family and luggage. You can also book a city car from GreenMobility on your way home returning from your holiday or business travel. It is simple and convenient and on top of that, you do not have to worry about public transportation and eventual delays. 

GreenMobility has 400 electric City Cars which quickly and in an environmentally sustainable manner brings you directly to and from Copenhagen Airport. The key to all 400 City Cars is the GreenMobility app, which means that you only need to bring your drivers license and your mobile phone when you rent a City Car.

Download the GreenMobility app and sign up. Through the app you can both register, open and lock the GreenMobility City Cars. It is free to sign up.

When you sign up for GreenMobility, you need to do the following:

  • Enter your email and create a password
  • Upload a picture of your driver’s license
  • Upload a selfie – so that they can see that you and the photo on the driver’s license are a match
  • Enter your personal information
  • Enter your payment details

Sign up a few hours in advance, as it may take a couple of hours to have your profile accepted. Sign up here

How to park the GreenMobility City Cars at the airport

If you take a GreenMobility City Car to the airport, you don’t have to worry about parking. In our Direct parking facility P7 at ground floor are reserved 20 parking spaces for GreenMobility. The spaces are marked with GreenMobility signs.

At the GreenMobility parking spaces you find charging stations that you easily connect to the City Car. That way the car is ready for its next driver.

To enter the parking facility, simply drive to the entrance and you will be granted access automatically, when driving a GreenMobility car.

Prices when Driving with GreenMobility

The price for renting a City Car from GreenMobility is 4 DKK per minute. Included in the price is both parking in the airport and the rest of Copenhagen, insurance and charging of the cars. The price for starting and ending your trip at Copenhagen Airport is an extra 49 DKK.

If you want your GreenMobility car to wait for you to and from the airport you can simply go book your car in advance, since the car is yours for 24 hours from the time of reservation - unless you start your trip earlier or cancel your reservation. The first 20 min. of reservation is free of charge. After 30 min. you are charged 1 DKK/min. in order for you to hold your reservation.

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