Advertising in CPH


CPH offers attractive advertising solutions tailored to communicate to the more than 30 million passengers who travel through the airport each year and primarily consists of target groups with high purchasing power.

With 544 digital screens in 180 locations around the airport, it is possible to target advertising at the exact time when the relevant target group of passengers is walking past a certain area. Each passenger will experience more relevant advertising and less noise on their way through the airport.  

The digital screens also give the possibility of advertising with video or changing images several times a minute. Display locations have different formats adapted to the area of the airport, where it is installed. It ranges from 55 inches up to 220 inches (4.9 x 2.7 meters).

The platform was created for and adopted to CPH by Airmagine.


Advertising is handled by Airmagine

Airmagine handles all promotional activities at Copenhagen Airport. 

Airmagine will be happy to advise you on the various options for creative advertising at the airport.

Click here to read more about the opportunities for your promotion whether it be on the digital screens or in one of the promotional spaces.


Contact information

For inquiries about our possibilities and pricing contact Airmagine




Jesper Høyer Andersen 

Director - Airmagine

+45 28 10 23 15