Company parking in CPH

With company parking in CPH your employees get the option to park easily at a lower price.

At Copenhagen Airport we offer two types of company parking:

  1. Online booking of company parking
  2. Drive in-parking with credit card

Online booking of company parking in CPH

You need to make an online reservation in our booking system before entering the car park. When inside the booking system you will see the discounts on the different car parks close to the terminals. As a business traveler this is a big advantage, as you do not want to spend too much time on parking.

How it works:

  • Your employee must go to parkering & transport and choose date and time
  • On the product overview page you enter the company issued discount code
  • Complete the booking
  • Your employee will recieve an e-mail with a QR-code, which will need to be scanned at the barrier of the car park.

Company parking without online reservartion (drive in-parking)

Drive in-company parking in CPH requires your companys credit card is issued by SEB bank.

Our drive in-company parking provides a fixed discount in the parking areas close to the terminals. This arrangement make it easy for your employees and do not require administrative work from your side. It is all happening automatically – the employee just needs to drive in and park and go on their business trip.

How it works:

  • Your employee drives to their preferred car park and get a ticket
  • Upon arrival the employee will pay with their SEB-issued credit card
  • The discount is automatically calculated between SEB-bank and CPH. You do not need to do anything else

What parking areas can I use?

With a company parking agreement with CPH it is possible to get a discount in the parking areas in our Standard, Standard+ and Direct category. They are all located close to the terminals.

Parkeringskort firmaparkering

Who can get a company deal?

You and your company are always welcome to contact Copenhagen Airport in regards to a company parking agreement. To be eligible for one of the aforementioned company parking agreements, your company needs to spend a minimum of 100.000 DKK on parking in CPH each year. If you use less than 100.000 DKK each year, we recommend a season pass, which could be relevant for you.

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