Veterinary cargo

Copenhagen Airport signs a new agreement with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration regarding inspection of veterinary cargo.

According to the new agreement, which became effective as of January 1st 2012, the opening hours of the Veterinary Border Inspection Post has been appointed to 8-16 on weekdays. In this time span, it will always be possible to have veterinary cargo inspected on arrival. In addition, the border veterinarian will be manned as required in the time spans 6-8 and 16-17 on weekdays, but only for commercial cargo inspections. Inspections of private cargo will only be conducted within normal office hours.

All operations must be registered within the normal office hours of the Veterinary Border Inspection Post (8-16 on weekdays) and they must adhere to the applicable deadlines. Thus all inspections of commercial cargo will be conducted within the time span 06-17 on weekdays.

Under special circumstances, control of veterinary cargo can be carried out as long as the operation has been registered in time.

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