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About CPH Cargo Community 

With Copenhagen Airports New Cargo Strategy, CPH Cargo Community is one of the initiatives to strengthen the cooperation across the air freight supply chain.

The ambition for the CPH Cargo Community is to establish and drive a broader and stronger collaboration and information sharing across the Danish air freight industry.

By facilitating sessions in the community, with clear agendas and meeting summaries, the framework is built for a non-competitive and pure operational forum, where the community can take on some of the common and mutual challenges that exists.

With every part of the value chain represented in agreed working groups, a broad and versatile perspective on the issue will be ensured. By sharing concerns, ideas and solutions, we will, as one community, be able to make our industry more efficient, and thereby create more value for everybody.


Our vision is to be The Preferred Cargo Hub of Northern Europe


Copenhagen Airport will be an airport in Northern Europe with a truly competitive infrastructure and operational flexibility for belly cargo and pure freighter operators

Working Groups

To ensure a broad and efficient environment for working groups, the CPH Cargo team has set some guidelines, regarding how the structure should be for working groups:

Number of participants should be kept to approximately 8-10 participants, with only one participant from each company. We aim to represent as much of the value chain as possible.

It is important that the participants are relevant, are able to make decisions on their company’s behalf and that they have a certain know-how on the topic of the working group. 


 From Shippers to Airlines, we welcome everyone who is related to the Danish air freight industry to be a member of the CPH Cargo Community.

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