Catchment Area

One airport, two countries

Copenhagen Airport has a very special location, right between Denmark and Sweden. For all Danes, and more than a third of the entire Swedish population, Copenhagen Airport is the closest international airport to their homes.

Additionally the propensity to travel of people living in the Copenhagen catchment area surpasses that of any other major airport in Europe.

4.1 million people are living within a travelling time of approximately two hours from Copenhagen Airport.

A survey among people living in the Copenhagen catchment area shows:

  • 75% of Danes and South Swedes travelled internationally within the past year. Additionally 17% travelled domestic.
  • That people generally travels more and the share of air travel is increasing too.
  • The Copenhagen capital region has the highest share of trips by plane (70%) and Southern Jutland the lowest (53%)
  • The time of transportation to the airport is the main driver for choice of airport. In regions with airport alternatives, ticket prices are equally important

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Copenhagen infrastructure

The well-developed infrastructure makes travelling to CPH from both Denmark and Sweden easy and fast. And this is whether they choose to go by car or travel with the public transportation system.

The motorway goes around Copenhagen, alongside the airport and connects Denmark to Sweden via the Øresund Bridge. In addition there is a train connection from both Copenhagen and Malmø to Terminal 3 and the Metro also connects Copenhagen City centre with Copenhagen Airport's Terminal 3.


Transportation to the airport:

Train   27%
Airplane  23%
Car  18%
Taxi   13%
Metro   16%
Bus   2%
Other   1%

Why choose Copenhagen?

  • Copenhagen is the Nordic Business Capital  
  • Copenhagen is Europe's leading cruise port 2008-2012  


Copenhagen and the Øresund Region form the largest growth centre in Scandinavia.The region includes the metropolitan area of the Danish capital – Copenhagen – as well as southern Sweden, the most densely populated area in Sweden.

The Copenhagen area is the region in Scandinavia which global corporations usually choose for their headquarters, not least because the area has 11 universities with a total of more than 135,000 students. In particular, the region is the leading area in Scandinavia in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology (Medicon Valley), IT and food.

This is one of the reasons why Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is considered the Scandinavian hub for air traffic to and from Scandinavia and the Baltic Region.

Local headquarters from the world's largest companies

Denmark – and the Copenhagen area in particular – is one of the preferred location when the world’s largest corporations choose their Scandinavian/northern European headquarters. 49 companies set up in the Copenhagen Area during 2006 alone.


Companies with headquarters within the CPH catchment area include Microsoft,
Pfizer, Intel, American International Group, GlaxoSmithKline, Coca Cola,
Novartis, Nestle, Eli Lilly, Dell Computers, ENI, Texas Instruments, L’Oreal,
Sony, Walt Disney, Daimler Chrysler, HP, Toyota, and Total Elf Finans.