Working with CPH and regional partners

A number of private and public players have joined forces by establishing the consortium "Global Connected"

Direct international access to a country and a city has a large impact on the ability to attract tourists, investors, employees, congresses and large international events. For this reason is is of great importance to Denmark to sustain and develop the number of airline routes to and from the country.

On this basis a number of private and public players have joined forces by establishing the consortium Global Connected which is working on local destination projects.
Global Connected is supported by the Marketing Fund of Denmark with DKK 18 mill. and additional DKK 22 mill. from the Ministry of Commerce via UMTS.

The work to attract new routes as well as sustain the existing network bearing routes is done by general marketing of Denmark as a destination for experiences, events and investments.

New routes

When a new route is inaugurated CPH usually celebrate with a gate event. Additionally the news is published in a number of the airport's own media supporting the press effort done by the PR team (see above).

All new routes and additional frequencies are continuously updated on the airport's B2B site on New Routes and Frequencies.

New routes are published in the CPH newsletters.  As of June 2014 CPH Newsletter has 575,000 members.

New routes are also published in the airport's Trade Newsletters which are distributed approximately 12 times a year to 2500 Danish and International business associates within the tourism and travel business.

Additionally new routes are published on the airport's Facebook site which as of March 2014 has 51,000 followers.

Press and marketing assistance

To make sure the local catchment area - as well as trade media - are aware of new offers and initiatives from our airline customers, CPH offers various forms of assistance - e.g. to inaugurate and celebrate a new route or to launch a new message.

The most important initiatives CPH has to offer are:

  • A press release to be sent to the Danish and Southern Swedish press as well as to the international aviation trade magazines. The press release will also be published on
  • A press tour for the Danish and South Swedish press can be arranged to and from the destination in question.
  • The airport's external relations and marketing teams will guide and give advice regarding PR and marketing activities on the Danish market.