Easter boosted growth at Copenhagen Airport

Passenger numbers grew by 11.2% year on year in March. The strong growth in the first months of the year continued in the month of Easter. 

Close to 2.3 million passengers travelled through Copenhagen Airport in March. The growth was mainly driven by a strong Easter which was not spread over two months this year, and which many people used to travel. The highest growth was seen on European routes, with as much as 12.6% more travellers this year.

“European cities are popular travel destinations for Danish travellers, and many inbound travellers have also become aware of Copenhagen and Denmark as attractive destinations. Compared with last year, there are now more flights and seats available for many destinations, and new options have been added. A wider range of both tickets and destinations boosts growth,” said Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Copenhagen Airports, pointing to Hungarian-based Wizz Air, among others, which started operations between Copenhagen and Skopje in March and also announced a new route to Sofia, Bulgaria scheduled to open in June.

Domestic traffic also grew, continuing the trend of the first months of the year. In March, traffic between Copenhagen and the provincial airports grew by 2.4%, the main driver being traffic between Copenhagen and Aalborg.

“Domestic traffic is very important to us. We are the airport of all of Denmark, and the direct connection to other destinations worldwide. Strong domestic growth helps ensure that businesses throughout Denmark have easy and direct access to the world market, which is essential to growth in all of Denmark,” said Woldbye.

Intercontinental traffic grew by 6.7% in March, and by 11.2% year to date. Total year-to-date traffic grew by 13.4%. 

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