Domestic programme reduces waiting times at Copenhagen Airport

On 11 May, Copenhagen Airport launched a domestic programme designed to address the concerns of commuters and provide better service to all passengers at the airport. Measurements after the launch of the initiatives show that waiting times for security screening have already now been reduced by 18%. 

The domestic programme launched by Copenhagen Airport on 11 May included a number of initiatives designed to ensure a better service to all travellers at the airport and to enhance the dialogue with commuters. The domestic programme was launched at Aalborg Airport, and the results for the first two weeks are:

  • An 18% reduction of average waiting times during airport operating hours. The average waiting time is now less than five minutes.
  • The average waiting time at peak periods has been reduced from just less than 6 minutes to 4.8 minutes.

Working hard to continue the improvements

As an airport, we serve all of Denmark. Accordingly, we were sorry to learn that commuters were experiencing problems in connection with the merger of domestic and international traffic. As a result, we launched a number of initiatives two weeks ago that we hope will help increase commuter satisfaction. Among the initiatives are more staff at security screening, two commuter lanes and a better dialogue with commuters. Our measurements show that we are improving. We realise that this is not a miracle solution, our staff are working hard to continue the improvements," said Henrik Peter Jørgensen, VP Communications at Copenhagen Airports A/S.

"For three consecutive years we have been rated best and second-best in the world for our security processing, and if we are to retain that position, it is essential that our customers are satisfied. Therefore, it is all important to us that the initiatives we launch have the intended effects," said Jørgensen.