CPH: Domestic traffic must work for commuters

On 29 March 2015, Copenhagen Airport consolidated domestic and international traffic in Terminals 2 and 3, giving domestic travellers a shorter walking distance to the Metro and regional trains and making it easier for them to change to international flights. Unfortunately, the consolidation of traffic has caused frustration among many commuters, and Copenhagen Airport is consequently launching a domestic programme which will make things easier for commuters starting this coming Monday.  

Just over a month after the consolidation of domestic and international traffic, CPH has ascertained that the change is not having the intended effects for a number of commuters travelling through Copenhagen Airport on a daily basis on their way to work. In particular, waiting times for security screening have been criticised. CPH is now taking steps to rectify the situation.

Our goal is for all travellers to be satisfied. We regret the frustrations of the many commuters who feel that their everyday commute is not working and we are now implementing changes. Our first step, effective this coming Monday, will be to deploy additional security screening staff. This means that during peak hours we can reduce waiting times by up to 30%, and the fluctuations in waiting times will be reduced," said Henrik Peter Jørgensen, VP, Communications at Copenhagen Airports A/S.

"In addition to deploying additional staff, we will be testing an arrangement with two commuter lanes in security. We have taken inspiration from the special family lanes we provide during holiday periods to give families travelling with children extra time when going through security. In the two commuter lanes, frequent travellers can prepare for security screening together with other experienced travellers, and we hope that will help make security screening less frustrating for commuters.

More service staff
As a supplement to the additional staff in security, Copenhagen Airport will also deploy service staff in the pre-security area who can provide updated information on current waiting times and ensure that passengers with very little time before departure can get assistance to get through security faster. In the course of the coming months, the system will also be upgraded to ensure better measurement of waiting times.

Moreover, CPH is developing a special multi-pass solution for Copenhagen Airport's fast track lane, CPH Express, so the airlines can offer their commuters fast track security screening at times when the commuter considers it necessary.

Domestic traffic should tie Denmark together
Copenhagen Airport is important to domestic traffic, whether for commuters from Bornholm, for companies in Aarhus, or tourists from China connecting to Aalborg in Jutland.

"Copenhagen Airport plays a big role in the everyday lives of many people. It makes a big difference whether a commuter spends two or two and a half hours commuting to and from work, and we know that easy and efficient commuting today allows people to live in Aalborg and work in Copenhagen. We want people to continue to have this opportunity, which is why we are now interacting with commuter associations, travellers and business people throughout the country to provide an even better travel experience for people all over Denmark. This is not a miracle cure, but hopefully, the commuters will feel it's a step in the right direction," said Henrik Peter Jørgensen.

Facts about the domestic programme:

  • Additional staff. As from Monday, 11 May, Copenhagen Airport is increasing the staff at security screening, which means than one additional lane will be open from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and a second additional lane from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. With the additional staff at these two lanes, Copenhagen Airport expects to reduce waiting times for commuters by up to 30%.
  • Two commuter lanes for security. As from Monday, 11 May, Copenhagen Airport will be testing an arrangement with two commuter lanes that will be open on weekdays and where frequent travellers can prepare for security screening with other experienced travellers.
  • Extra attention to waiting passengers. Copenhagen Airport will station service staff at the entrance to the security screening area from Monday, 11 May. The service staff will inform passengers about waiting times and assist people with little time to departure to get ahead in the queue.
  • Special multi-pass solution for CPH Express. Copenhagen Airport is developing a special multi-pass solution for the CPH Express fast track service that airlines can sell to their commuters. That way, commuters can use their card to jump the queue if waiting times are too long. This option is not available today.
  • Increased information on waiting times. Copenhagen Airport will update its app so that passengers using the app will be informed of longer waiting times for security screening.
  • Evaluation programme for commuters and travellers. Copenhagen Airport will initiate a large-scale evaluation programme in cooperation with commuter associations, travellers and business people from all five Danish regions. The programme will give Copenhagen Airport input from users on how the airport can provide even better service to commuters in the years ahead.
  • In January 2016, Copenhagen Airport will use input from traveller evaluations to optimise and adjust the initiatives even further, if necessary. Moreover, Copenhagen Airport will inform the party spokespersons on transport in the Danish Folketing about the results and continue the close interaction with the commuter associations.