Easier to travel to the world from Copenhagen

Effective 29 March, all departures from Copenhagen Airport will be from either Terminal 2 or Terminal 3, whether the destination is Aalborg or Amsterdam, Billund or Bergen. The change will make it easier and faster to transfer to a new flight in Copenhagen, and this is one of the benefits when Copenhagen Airport no longer physically separates domestic flights, previously only located in Terminal 1, from large parts of its international traffic. The move will make international destinations feel a little closer for passengers from all over Denmark. 

The start of daylight saving time in Denmark coincides with the start of the airlines' summer schedules, along with Copenhagen Airport implementing some major changes. After 45 years in service, Terminal 1 will no longer be a separate terminal. Instead, all flights will be departing from either Terminal 2 or Terminal 3, and all passengers will use the same check-in facilities, go through the same security checkpoint and retrieve their baggage from the same carousels.

This is particularly good news for the some 500,000 passengers who last year transferred from domestic to international flights at Copenhagen Airport.

Making transfers easier

After the changeover, most domestic flights will be allocated gates closer to European connections, so it will be easier, simpler and faster for passengers transferring at Copenhagen. This means we are bringing Denmark a little bit closer to the rest of the world and taking yet another step in strengthening our position as an international hub,” said Chief Commercial Officer Peter Krogsgaard of Copenhagen Airports A/S.

More specifically, bringing domestic and Schengen traffic together means that the Terminal 1 check-in and security screening facilities will be closed and all passengers will be using Terminal 2 or Terminal 3, regardless of their destination. It also means that passengers will no longer have to walk long distances or take the shuttle bus to go between terminals.

SAS: Major innovative step
SAS is the carrier for four out of five passengers in Copenhagen transferring from domestic to international flights; the airline applauds the change, calling it a major innovative step that will make transferring flights at Copenhagen Airport quite unique.

“No other airport of Copenhagen's size and importance can offer the same sense of cohesion between their domestic and international flights,” said said Lars W. Andersen, Director of Public Affairs and Infrastructure at SAS. He believes that this merger of flight operations will make many things easier for both travellers and staff working at the airport.

All of our flights will now be at gates near other SAS flights, and that will make it much faster and easier for our passengers transferring between a domestic and an international flight at Copenhagen Airport. The move will bring the world just a little bit closer to passengers flying from Jutland or Bornholm with SAS or one of our domestic partners," said Andersen.