Copenhagen Airport rated Europe’s most efficient airport

Copenhagen Airport has been rated the most efficient airport in Europe for the ninth time in eleven years. The organisation behind the award is the international and independent Air Transport Research Society, ATRS 

The award as "Europe's most efficient airport" was presented last night (18 July) to Copenhagen Airport COO Kristian Durhuus at the ATRS World Conference in Bordeaux, France.

"Although this is the ninth time in eleven years that Copenhagen Airport have won the award for being Europe's most efficient airport, I guarantee You that we do not take the award for granted or expect to win it each year. In the last decade, competition among the major airports for routes, growth and jobs has intensified significantly, so we are very proud indeed to receive the award," said Copenhagen Airports’ COO, Kristian Durhuus.

Good news for Denmark
The Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) is a group of professors and aviation experts from universities worldwide who have developed a method for comparing airport efficiency. And the fact that Copenhagen once more is the winner is good news for Denmark.

"Today we have far more routes and jobs at the airport than the size and population of Denmark would otherwise warrant. This is because Copenhagen Airport is an efficient hub and gateway to other destinations for passengers from the entire Nordic region, the Baltic states, Poland, and northern Germany. Consequently, it is essential that we continue to develop Copenhagen Airport, and that we continue our efforts to be as efficient as possible," said Durhuus.

The Chairman of ATRS, Professor Tae Hoon Oum of the Sauder School of Business, said about award:

“With increasing competition in airport transport markets worldwide, these rankings are helpful not only to the airport and airlines, but also to governments, consultants, regulatory commissions, institutional investors, researchers and graduate students.”

Focus on the strategy
The work to make operations more efficient and reduce our customers' overall costs of operating at Copenhagen Airport is a key element of CPH's World Class Hub strategy.

"In our strategy, we focus on what we call Customer’s Total Cost of Operation, i.e. our customers' cost of operating at Copenhagen Airport. We are working constantly to increase efficiency at the airport while also focusing on reducing costs for the airlines, handlers, concessionaires and all other operators at Copenhagen Airport," said Durhuus.

Self-service increases efficiency
An efficient way of reducing costs is to introduce self-service and new technology solutions. Copenhagen Airport has been at the forefront in this area for several years, initially with self-service check-in kiosks and later with facilities ranging from self-service bag drops to automatic boarding pass control at security and at the gates.

"Automation is a real win-win investment. The airlines save money and passengers save time and get more control over their journey. That produces more satisfied passengers and more competitive airlines," said Durhuus.