Copenhagen Airport is calling on people for input in developing the airport of the future

Copenhagen Airport is now asking people to send in suggestions on which shops, restaurants and other facilities should be part of the airport of the future. This is done via a new portal "CPH Ideas", where people are encouraged to submit their ideas. 

Baggage reclaim, sleeping cabins, lounge areas or perhaps a swimming pool? Copenhagen Airport is now inviting people to make suggestions for the airport of the future on the new portal "CPH Ideas", which is a crowdsourced universe that focuses on the wishes of travellers and gives them the opportunity to submit ideas and vote on ideas submitted by others. The suggestions that get the most votes will be evaluated by Copenhagen Airport with a view to incorporating them in the airport of the future.

"Each year, we make more than 100,000 passenger interviews, so we are already evaluating their views on the existing airport. But we would also like to know more about what they are missing at Copenhagen Airport and get their ideas for new odd, fun or different facilities that they may have come across in other parts of the world. It does not have to be at an airport. It may be at a camp-site or a luxury hotel, as long as it would contribute to making Copenhagen Airport a more exciting place to travel to or from," said Karen Bender, E-Commerce & Marketing Director for Copenhagen Airport.

Space for twice as many passengers
Copenhagen Airport wants to retain its position as the preferred hub in northern Europe. Consequently, it is necessary for the airport to grow to create space for almost twice as many passengers over the next few decades. In step with the expansion, there will be space for a number of new facilities not currently available at the airport. Copenhagen Airport already has plans for where the gates, lounges and terminal buildings are to be placed, so it is the more creative ideas Copenhagen Airport hopes to receive via the "CPH Ideas" portal.

The name "CPH Ideas" has been created by facebook fans of Copenhagen Airport, i.e. people who have already become involved in the airport of the future. Anyone can submit ideas and see which ideas get the most votes at: https://expanding.cph.dk/cphideas/

Facts about Expanding CPH:
Expanding CPH is a defined vision for the airport of the future in Copenhagen. The vision draws a picture of the airport's role as a hub for the region. The vision will materialise if, the airport, airlines, business community and politicians are successful in securing growth in the region and attracting tourist and business activities.

The vision is supported by Copenhagen Airport's expansion plan towards 40 million passengers – almost twice the current capacity.

You can read more about "Expanding CPH" here or here.

For additional information, please contact Communications Officer Camilla Borggaard at +45 4018 1912 or camilla.borggaard@ext.cph.dk