Chocolate with a good conscience at Copenhagen Airport

Passengers at Copenhagen Airport will now have the opportunity to visit Hotel Chocolat's unique universe of chocolate on their way out into the world. Authenticity, originality and ethics are the basic principles of the British-based luxury chocolatier and cocoa producer that is now opening its doors to passengers at Copenhagen Airport. 

Copenhagen Airport's passengers now have the opportunity to sample 'edible luxury' at Hotel Chocolat, which recently opened a shop at Terminal 3.

With its mantra of "less sugar, more cocoa", the British chocolate brand is known for its chocolate with a rich flavour of cocoa. The company's role as both cocoa farmer and chocolate maker also gives it in-depth insight into its products.

Hotel Chocolat also gains much of its inspiration from London's fashion scene when it develops new products and concepts and creates products that are different and sometimes even surprising.

From cocoa bean to shop in a sustainable way
Hotel Chocolat is very selective in its choice of raw materials, and its cocoa beans come partly from the company's own plantations on the island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, where local farmers make sure the plants grow under the best conditions. The commitment to the journey of the cocoa beans from earth to table creates both a controlled process and a deep understanding of the chocolate that ends up with consumers.

Hotel Chocolat wishes to minimise the distance between the cocoa beans and consumers, making it a pleasure for consumers, both in terms of taste and ethical considerations, to eat the finished product, and a pleasure for farmers to be part of the farming process under responsible and ethically good working conditions. With the company's "Engaged Ethics" programme, sustainable advantages are supplied to the communities around the plantations. The advantages include free technical assistance in improving cocoa quality and a guarantee to buy the farmers' entire harvest with direct payment, so that farmers can feel secure in investing in their plantations.

The responsible approach of Hotel Chocolat to the farming and manufacture of their chocolate is highly valued by Copenhagen Airport, which focuses on its own environmental and social responsibility as well as that of its business partners.

"We have a clear strategy for how we ensure that Copenhagen Airport is run in a responsible manner. This goes both for to the environment and for the people we have an effect on, either directly or indirectly. Much of this can only be achieved through our business partners, and what Hotel Chocolat does for its cocoa farmers is a good example of such an approach. We can only support the efforts Hotel Chocolat makes to develop a sustainable cocoa production, and we look forward to offering our passengers their different and surprising chocolate experiences," said Lise Ryevad, director of airport sales at Copenhagen Airport.

Enter the draw for a huge gift basket
On 25 and 26 July, an opening event will be held at Copenhagen Airport featuring attractive offers and tasting samples. In addition, Hotel Chocolat will hold a draw in which travellers visiting the new shop will have the chance of winning a gift basket of chocolate worth a thousand Danish kroner. The basket full of extraordinary taste experiences will be sent direct to the lucky winner's home to make that holiday experience last even longer.


  • The Hotel Chocolat shop is located at Copenhagen Airport's Terminal 3
  • Hotel Chocolat was founded in 2004 by British entrepreneurs Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris, who remain deeply engaged in the company even today at all levels of the company.
  • Hotel Chocolat currently consists of a web shop, physical shops, restaurants, plantations and a spa hotel. Hotel Chocolat has also developed the award-winning Cocoa Juvenate line of beauty products.
  • Visit www.hotelchocolat.com to read more