The CPH Policy for Diversity and Inclusion

December 2018

In CPH, we believe that a diverse workforce is a requirement for enabling future growth. We are a vital part of the Danish society and infrastructure and have an international customer base, which requires a diverse mind-set and understanding. 

We are aiming to actively increase diversity and inclusiveness at all organizational levels across CPH, in teams and departments. It is vital for CPH to respect and pay attention to all 6 diversity dimensions as defined by the Institute for Human Rights; gender, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation and disability. CPH has defined KPI’s of our work on diversity and inclusion, as described in the CR-policy, and track progress on inclusion in the CPH engagement survey.

Why Diversity and Inclusion in CPH?

CPH is the gateway to the world. Growing our position as The Gateway of Northern Europe means that CPH plays an essential role in creating growth for Denmark. We have a special responsibility for developing Copenhagen Airport as an important part of the nation’s infrastructure. This role entails a responsibility to operate and develop the airport with respect for our customers, stakeholders, partnerships and society at large. Working with diversity is, therefore, an integral part of CPH’s business strategy and is included in CPH’s Corporate Responsibility policy, which sets the framework for our efforts to operate and develop CPH responsibly.

With this diversity and inclusion strategy, we also wish to strengthen our employer brand. Due to changing demographics in Denmark, the fight for skilled employees will be tougher, and we are competing with other airports and companies for the right skills and talent. In this context, diversity in the working place will become even more important in the years to come. Working dedicated with the three focus areas - gender, age and nationality - across the organization, we expect to increase efficiency and innovation in CPH leading to more motivated employees and creating an airport never seen before, while we will find it easier to attract employees. By aiming for a more diverse workforce regarding gender, age and nationality, we are expanding our target group when hiring.

How to work with Diversity and Inclusion?

We are aiming to actively increase diversity and inclusiveness at all organizational levels across CPH, in teams and departments. We are, however, very aware that creating a diverse mindset needs to be initiated, roll-modelled and nurtured from the top down. Thus, CPH has signed The Danish Charter of Diversity just like we previously signed The Copenhagen Diversity Charter. Our CR strategy focuses on three main areas: People, Planet and Position. We address our diversity objectives in the People section of the CR strategy.

  • Gender

We believe that we can obtain better business results by having managers whose diversity in gender, age and experience etc. means different management styles, working culture, more innovation, better networking and business development etc. The focus area is not only to increase the total number of female managers but to make sure that we have the right mix of gender across the organization.

  • Age

We believe that the right mix of younger and elderly generations is crucial for developing our business as a diversity in age brings in both new inspiration and trends as well as lifelong learning and experience. The mutual exchange of experience and learning can be part of getting a wider range of perspectives and through that – among other things – support our strategic direction.

  • Nationality

We need a more international mindset so that we can better meet our customers, no matter where they come from, and to be more innovative and implement new initiatives and products faster. In CPH, we focus on multiculturalism to represent the nationality perspective. We will develop this through gradually changing our mindset and multicultural understanding by employing more nonethnic Danes, where it makes sense for the job content.

  • Religion & Sexual orientation

In CPH, we do not tolerate any type of discrimination. In the CPH engagement survey, this has been a focus area for several years and is an area we will further develop and define during 2019.

  • Disability

In CPH, we have launched initiatives to include new colleagues with mental disabilities in the organization, where it makes sense. We also have a specific dedication to make the airport accessibility for everyone who wants to use it. Dedicated efforts are therefore made to improve the rights and conditions for airline passengers with reduced mobility to make sure all passengers have the same possibilities.