The CPH Policy for Diversity and Inclusion

December 2020

CPH is a vital part of the Danish society and infrastructure and has an International customer base, both elements require a diverse mind-set and understanding. We take this responsibility very seriously and strive to play a positive role in the Danish Society as defined in our strategic ambition to be Architects of the future airport and our company’s purpose Let’s travel together to a better tomorrow.


Our role entails a responsibility to operate and develop the airport with respect for our customers, stakeholders, employees, partnerships and society at large. Working with diversity is, therefore, an integral part of CPH’s business strategy and is included in CPH’s Corporate Responsibility policy, which sets the framework for our efforts to operate and develop CPH responsibly.


It is the aim for CPH to respect and pay attention to all 6 diversity dimensions as defined by the Institute for Human Rights; Gender, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation and disability. CPH has recently updated our diversity and inclusion KPI’s, primarily focusing on age, gender and nationality as described in this policy for diversity and inclusion. And we intend to track progress on specific diversity and inclusion targets and KPI’s and report on them biannually.


Why Diversity and Inclusion in CPH?

On top of diversity’s compatibility and contribution to our strategic ambition and purpose, the fight for skilled employees increase. Focus on diversity in the working place will become even more important in the years to come. Employee mobility has increased, and companies’ diversity and inclusion ambitions are important differentiators when attracting and retaining skilled employees.


In order to deliver our strategic ambition, we need to unfold the full organizational potential in CPH. By having a diverse and inclusive organization and workplace, we expect to increase motivation and dedication among our employees, which will increase efficiency and build greater innovation power in CPH. In addition, cooperation with a high number of partners is crucial for our success. We are highly dependent on important partnerships and networking to achieve our results. We firmly believe that a diverse workforce will improve the cooperation and networking abilities in CPH.


As in the Danish Society at large, we work towards preventing all kinds of discriminating behavior and harassment. An important part of our company values and culture is that everyone should be treated with respect. This applies to both our customers, employees, partners and stakeholders. We will not tolerate offending behavior, bullying nor sexual harassment in CPH and work dedicatedly to prevent this from happening. By strengthening our diversity focus in CPH, we wish to create a more inclusive working environment.


How we work with Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion in CPH

In CPH, all employees are encouraged to give feedback to one another if you experience challenging or abusive behavior. Individual values and personal limits should be respected.  All managers are obliged to take all notifications from employees seriously and ensure an inclusive working environment in their own department and across CPH. 


Our overarching goal is to increase diversity and inclusion at all organizational levels across CPH, including at Board of Directors and Executive Management level. For us that means achieving a 70/30 diversity split on gender and nationality as well as fostering a zero-discrimination culture. As a regulated organization, CPH is dependent on and value experience, which means that we have a higher share of experienced employees in our organization. However, we strive to become more age diverse across all organizational levels including Board level just as we will continue to monitor our average age distribution.


  • Gender

We believe that we can obtain better business results by having managers whose diversity in gender, age and experience means diverse management style, good working culture, more innovation, better networking and business development.  The focus area is to make sure that we have a mix of gender across the organization at all organizational levels.


  • Age

In CPH, we have a long tradition for maintaining a holistic approach to the whole lifespan of our employees. From recruitment through the various phases of a long employment and into retirement, CPH strives – even in times of crisis – to support individual considerations and personal development. We believe that the right mix of younger and mature generations is important for developing our business as diversity in age brings both new inspiration and trends as well as lifelong learning and experience. The mutual exchange of experience and learning is important to help CPH develop as an organization and to support our strategic direction.


A key focus area has been and will continue to be helping young people in our community without academic education into meaningful work both by working closely with educational institutions as well as providing internships and apprenticeships to young people from our community.


  • Nationality

We strive to have an international mindset so that we can better meet our customers and partners, no matter where they come from, and to achieve a broader recruitment bases in a challenging job market. We will develop our mindset and multicultural understanding by employing more people of non-Danish nationality, where it is relevant in the organization.


  • Religion & Sexual orientation

In CPH, we do not tolerate any type of discrimination, and our ambition is to achieve zero discrimination and harassment cases. We monitor this in our engagement survey, and it continues to be a focus area, and an area we will further develop and define diversity targets on.


Specifically, in the area of religion & sexual orientation we believe in dialogue with a focus on how to change social norms and perceptions in CPH. We believe that creating a diverse mindset and culture begins with recognizing our differences.


  • Disability

In CPH, we have launched initiatives to include new colleagues with mental disabilities in the organization. We also have a specific dedication to make the airport accessible for everyone who wants to make use of it. Dedicated efforts are therefore made to improve conditions for airline passengers with reduced mobility to make sure all passengers have the same possibilities.

Appendix - activities and diversity targets supporting the policy for diversity and inclusion


We are very aware that creating a diverse mindset and culture needs to be initiated, roll-modelled and nurtured from the top of the organization. Hence, we will analyze whether we have aspects and structures, which are barriers that prevent cultural diversity.


At all organizational levels, we will also start a dialogue on how to work with social norms and perceptions in CPH. We believe that creating a diverse mindset and culture begins with recognizing our differences. This work will be closely linked to tracking whether we continue to reduce discrimination and harassment across CPH. We do not tolerate discrimination in CPH, and our ambition is to achieve zero discrimination and harassment cases.


Our diversity targets and KPIs are linked to the strategic objectives defined in our corporate strategy particularly in the take-offs; Positive role in Society and People & Capabilities. We track progress on targets and KPI’s related to the following three diversity dimensions; Age, gender and nationality.



We have defined gender split objectives at all organizational levels incl. Board of Directors and Executive Management level.

  • We strive to achieve a 30%/70% (female/male) split at all organizational levels by 2025
  • 33% women at Board of Directors level in 2023 (Ref. Target figure for gender Equality at the BoD)



We strive to become more diverse across all organizational levels including Board level just as we will continue to monitor our average age distribution.


Our ambition is a percentage split across the following 4 age groups at CPH level:

  • Employees (0-25 years old); 5%
  • Employees (26-35 years old); 15%
  • Employees (36-49 years old); 40%
  • Employees (50-99 years old); 40%



Due to GDPR we cannot track our level of ethnicity and cultural diversity across CPH, thus we only track our level of ethnicity and cultural diversity (Nationality) at BoD level:

  • 70/30 split (Danish citizens vs. non-Danish citizens) at BoD level in 2023