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Have you remembered everything? If not, the airport pharmacy can help. Lufthavns Apotek sells personal care products, prescription drugs and over the counter medicines for your trip.

Check whether your medications are in stock

Call or e-mail us ahead to be sure that we have the prescription drugs you need in stock. Call +45 3031 7576/E-mail:

Don’t forget the hand luggage rules!

Liquids and fluid substances in your hand luggage must be carried in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml. Liquids and fluid substances must be placed in a resealable bag and be visible when you go through Security.

Personal care

We stock a wide range of personal care products such as toothbrushes, lotions, sunscreen, plasters, bandages, support stockings and skin care by the well-known pharmacy brands: Aderma, Avene, Decubal, Apovit.

Forgotten your prescription?

If you need a prescription for medication that your GP normally prescribes, Lufthavnens Apotek can help you.
We put you in touch with a doctor via Lægelinien ApS, who, in many cases, and always after thorough consultation, is authorised to issue prescription drugs. The service is open during the pharmacy’s opening hours. However, Lufthavns Apotek cannot guarantee that Lægelinien ApS will be able to prescribe the drugs.
A prescription costs DKK 175 for customers with a Danish CPR number and DKK 300 for those without. Payment is made directly to Lægelinien ApS.