Pre-order your food at Copenhagen Airport

Pre-order your food before you arrive at the airport and jump the queue. We’ll have your food ready so there’s plenty of time for you to enjoy it before takeoff. Find the participating restaurants here.

Please be aware that due to Covid-19 safety measures, some flights may not have a food service on board at the moment.


Lagkagehuset is your local bakery, no matter where you come from. We serve breads, cakes, sandwiches and salads.

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At JOE & THE JUICE, we offer you a wonderful combination of health and great taste.

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Espresso House

Espresso House is the leading and fastest growing coffee shop chain in the Nordic countries, serving guests in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark in over 400 outlets from our 2000 passionate Baristas.

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Fly away with your stomach full of thin, crisp sourdough pizza with Danish roots from Gorm's.

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Start your journey with a tasty warm dish and sandwich from Aamanns.

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