Opening hours

Monday: 10:00-21:00Tuesday: 10:00-21:00Wednesday: 10:00-21:00Thursday: 10:00-21:00Friday: 10:00-21:00Saturday: 10:00-20:30Sunday: 10:00-21:00
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YO! Sushi

We serve a wide selection of sushi, ramen, noodles and other delicious Japanese food. If you’re in a hurry, try our takeaway sushi, which is made for enjoying on board your plane.

Catch the fresh fish yourself

YO! Sushi has brought the Japanese ‘kaiten’ sushi bar concept to Denmark. The idea is that you “catch” the fresh fish from the conveyor belt. Sit at the sushi bar and pick one of the dishes as it passes by, or order hot food from the kitchen.