Opening hours

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Tapa del Toro

We wish to give our customers a lasting impression and an authentic feeling based on our love for Spanish gastronomy, mixed with great local produce, supported by professional and friendly staff.

Our food

Pinchos is number one product in our Tapas bar - freshly made on-site and with great variation. Our Pinchos are small, bite-sized slices of baguette with various toppings. It’s not too hard to decide - you don’t have to, you can always have another one…

To support the Pinchos, our menu features a small selection of hot tapas. The key here is simplicity, easing the way to perfection. We serve
simple but freshly prepared Tapas.

If you would like to enjoy a Spanish style breakfast before your morning flight, we certainly serve this as well and of course all our products are available to bring onboard!

The route from Farm to Table

A very specific element of our concept is the deliberate focus on the Spanish gastronomy and quality. Tapa del Toro sources its products directly from handpicked producers in Spain, and depending on availability and demand we will always offer an extensive selection of Pinchos and carefully chosen warm dishes.