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Breakfast Gluten free Healthy Lunch Seafood Vegetarian Dinner


Enjoy Hawaiian-inspired poke bowls with diced fruit and vegetables, meat or fish, chopped nuts or seeds.

A healthy alternative to fast food, with meat, fish, vegan and vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch and dinner

OLIOLI’s menu is composed of six set poke bowls and four set smoothie bowls, as well as freshly squeezed juice and coffee.

You can choose your meal based on one preference – whether you feel like salmon, tuna, duck, beef, prawns or vegan tofu. For breakfast, you can choose from berries, chocolate-banana, moringa or the classic acai.

Poke bowls originate from Hawaii, but OLIOLI has also borrowed the best from Korea, Thailand and Japan for its sauces, among other things. The flavours are adapted to the selected vegetables.