Baron Otard XO Gold
Brandy & Cognac

Baron Otard XO Gold 1 l


The intensely smooth taste and character of Baron Otard Cognac is the result of its unique natural ageing at the Royal Castle in Cognac. Baron Jean-Baptiste Otard first produced his Cognac in 1795, buying the only castle in the town of Cognac because of its exceptional ageing conditions – humid cellars at a constant temperature, created by its thick stone walls and close proximity to the river Charente.


  • Size: 1
  • Unit: l
  • Alcohol by volume: 40.00
  • Tasting Notes: Baron Otard XO Gold has the perfect balance, blending only the finest growths. Its roundness on the nose opens into a rich harmony of aromas – dawn woodland, hazelnut and leather, all enhanced by touches of honey. Complex flavours develop on the palate, combining fruity aromas with the sweetness of honey. Its long stay in red-oak barrels imbue an amber hue to its natural colour. Baron Otard XO Gold is best enjoyed neat, as an after-dinner drink, so as to fully appreciate its exceptional length on the palate.
  • Country of origin: FR
  • Kind: Cognac

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