Opening hours

Reduced opening hours

Carlsberg Aviator Lounge

Take a well-deserved break in the lounge, where you can enjoy Danish-style open sandwiches and Carlsberg beer on tap

Take advantage of the waiting time at the airports by having a light meal in beautiful surroundings

The Carlsberg Aviator Lounge is for travellers who appreciate good taste. Enjoy a delicious selection of freshly made sandwiches – accompanied, of course, by “probably the best beer in the world”: 3 different Carlsberg beers on tap. 

In the lounge, you can experience a unique, Danish wooden interior created according to solid Danish craftmanship traditions. The materials are natural and environmentally friendly, and the distinctive tables are made of recycled beer kegs.

The lounge is open to everyone. If you don’t have access with a special card or via your airline, you can pay an entry fee of DKK 179 (includes all services, food and drinks ad lib).



Placement: Terminal 2 - by Gate A & B

Opening hours: Reduced opening hours. Read more here.