Get a good start to your journey

Make your trip easier by planning ahead and have a stress-free journey through Copenhagen Airport.

Read about our recommendations for check-in, liquids in your baggage, how to pack your carry-on luggage from home, and tips for going through security check.

Kids guide in Copenhagen Airport

Even though the waiting time at the airport can be challenging for many excited children, we have ensured entertainment for both big and small passengers.

Here on this page, you will find fun experiences, practical travel tips, and inspiration for child-friendly shops and eateries at Copenhagen Airport. 

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Check entry requirements for your destination

There may still be specific entry regulations related to Covid-19 for some destinations. Make sure to have the correct documentation ready at the airport. This will expedite the check-in process. Get information and advice regarding Covid-19 related to your travel.

Check mask requirements

There is no longer a requirement to wear masks in Copenhagen Airport, but it may still be a requirement for some airlines and in other airports. Check with your specific airline for the rules that apply.