Copenhagen Airport’s actions

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Copenhagen Airport has worked hard to make sure you can feel safe on your journey through the airport. Therefore, Copenhagen Airport has introduced several initiatives which among other things comply with the guidelines of the Danish Health Authorities and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) which will ensure your safety and security while traveling through the airport. As a passenger you should be aware that you will find other rules to apply at the airport than in the Danish Society.  

Copenhagen Airport’s arrangements

  • Available hand sanitization at the airport
  • Visible and clear communication of guidelines
  • One-way flow alignment in the terminals
  • Distance marking in all passenger areas
  • Distance communication at airport speakers
  • Distance marking at seating areas

Airport staff

  • All airport employees wear protective equipment either in terms of visor or medical face mask
  • Airline staff, ground handling staff and staff at Copenhagen Airport Shopping Center’s shops and eateries wears either visor or medical face masks
  • At check-in desks, gates, ticket offices and other places where it is not possible to comply with the distance requirements of the health authorities there will be set up plexiglass
  • The Police have also increased presence at the airport.

Copenhagen Airport has set up clear communications that follows the Danish Health Authority’s recommendations for good hygiene.