Here, you will find information on bus lines running to and from the airport


By bus to and from the airport

There are several bus lines running between Copenhagen city centre and Copenhagen Airport. Find your exact journey at rejseplanen.dk.

Other buses in Denmark and Sweden

Other bus companies drives routes from the airport to other parts of Denmark and Sweden. Information on routes and timetables can be found on the company websites:


Charter buses

At Terminal 2, there is passenger drop-off only.

At Terminal 3, there is both passenger pick-up and drop-off (and 1 hour's parking).

The instructions of the airport staff must be followed in the area.

Terminal bus

The terminal bus runs from the Car Rental Centre to Terminal 2 and 3 and then continuing to the car parks P15, P17 and P19. 

Read more about our free terminal bus and see the timetable here.