A value-creating

As your airport retail partner, we create unique business opportunities for forward-thinking brands in an airport shopping center like no other. Airport retail is our speciality and it is a domain we have mastered for almost 100 years. Our award-winning service and groundbreaking ideas are testament to a visionary and commercially optimized shopping center that is passionate about creating superior shopping experiences for travelers, and supporting partners in creating successful businesses. Together the possibilities are limitless.

Airport retail that elevates traveler spend

When it comes to knowledge, we like to share. Throughout our partnerships brands count on us for valuable insights, data and expertise to enhance their airport retail business. With more than 20 million transactions per year and the most effective retail space in Denmark, our aim is to help you adapt and cater to the future needs of our travelers. Together, we aim to deliver a curated and always engaging experience that helps travelers look forward to spending more time in our shopping center with your brand.


A commercial platform like no other

A partnership gives you access to an international, high spending audience, as well as a gateway to the world with more than 317 routes and 202,232 arriving and departing flights. Together with our professional marketing team you will have the possibility to be marketed on our platforms – from social media and newsletters to our website and digital screens within the airport — enhanced engagement and increased sales, especially when it comes to introducing new retail concepts, brands and products to travelers in a high-traffic shopping center.

Enabling deeper connections with travelers

As your partner, we provide the tools to create deeper connections with travelers. Through an accessible e-learning program, our unique Retail Academy simplifies skill enhancement for your employees within a Copenhagen context. We also offer support and ideas to enhance your retailing experience, and act as a dedicated partner team committed to helping you achieve your business goals.




We are looking for equally ambitious brands to join our journey

​​Our ambitions are reaching new heights as we build our future shopping center. Join us on this exciting journey as we challenge retail norms and embrace innovation, because your involvement is key in crafting the world's best airport shopping center.

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