Property Development

Copenhagen Airport is not only the gateway of Northen Europe, it is also a thriving business centre.

In CPH we have more than 300.000 m2 of unused land for property development.

Potential office buildings - Northern Area
The Northern area contains building rights of approx. 70.000 square meters located next to the existing Hotel Hilton.

Landside - Eastern Area
Aproxx. 300,000 m2 landside greenfield for development of goods delivery facilities, warehousing, catering, logistics, car hiring, parking, air cargo and related administration facilities.

Airside - Eastern Area
Aproxx. 25,000 m2 airside greenfield for development of goods delivery facilities, warehousing, catering, logistic, car hiring, parking, air cargo and related administration facilites.

In the southern area of the airport it is possible to build or invest in new hangars.

According to local planning, all business must be airport related.

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Copenhagen Airport Roskilde

Regarding available plots at Roskilde Airport RKE, please contact:

Lars Lip
Airfield Director RKE
+45 3231 6226

Real Estate contacts

Søren Rahbek

Director of Real Estate Sales

Phone: +45 3151 1800


Connie Alexandra Sery

Business Development Manager, Real Estate Sales

Phone: +45 2273 2029


Jørgen Jensen

Business Development Manager, Real Estate Sales

Phone: +45 5356 7059