Ideas for development

The Airport Business Park is a vital part of the strategy of building an airport for the future. The plan is to develop a new, larger cargo and logistics park with direct motorway access to Copenhagen, the rest of Denmark, Sweden, Germany and continental Europe.


The Scandinavian e-commerce market alone is the eighth largest in the world with internet retail sales exceeding 20 billion euros. With an e-commerce logistics center in Copenhagen Airport, you can provide delivery to all of Scandinavia within 24 hours, home to more than 25 million high-income consumers. 


A second development option is for temperature-controlled warehouses specifically for the pharma- and biotech industries, which are substantially represented in the Greater Copenhagen Region – an area known as Medicon Valley housing more than 350 biotech, meditech and pharma companies.

These new warehouses could provide international companies with state-of-the-art storage facilities with fast and direct access to and from the rest of the world.


The park is also ideally suited for a fresh goods terminal for short-term storage of perishables such as fish, fruit and vegetables.

The amount of these products being freighted through Copenhagen is increasing considerably and a dedicated terminal development would further escalate this growth.

Logistics center

There is overnight-trucking from Copenhagen to more than 900 European cities and 100 million consumers, and with the launch of the CPH Airport Business Park, the potential for improved distribution is substantial.

A growing freight hub

Copenhagen Airport is one of the most efficient and fastest growing freight hubs in Europe.


It is already becoming the first choice for international freight carriers seeking direct access to the US, Asia and the rest of Europe.


With no curfews, the airport's runways are operational 24/7.