Property Development

Airport Business Park

A new cargo and logistics park

As part of the “Future AIrport”-strategy, plans are to develop a new, larger cargo and logistics park with direct motorway access to Copenhagen, the rest of Denmark, Sweden, Germany and continental Europe.


With this, the airport will be able to double its freight capacity to more than 1 million tons per year.


The new logistic park is situated in a greenfield site covering more than 300,000 m2 - an area the size of 44 football fields - next to the existing cargo area and the main gate to the airport.

A growing freight hub

Copenhagen Airport is one of the most efficient and fastest growing freight hubs in Europe.


It is already becoming the first choice for international freight carriers seeking direct access to the US, Asia and the rest of Europe.


With no curfews, the airport's runways are operational 24/7.